Does starvation and skipping meals aids in weight loss?

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  • Kanini nzomo

    Nice am gonna try this thanks kabeb

  • Kennedy Darleen

    If you have committed to losing weight, you must also commit to doing it the healthy and natural way. You didn’t gain the excess fat overnight, and you will not lose it overnight. Your eating habits combined with the amount of exercise you engage in are the keys to losing weight. Controlling your food portions is the first step. Whether you are counting exact calories or not, the amount of food on your plate at a given meal time needs to remain balanced and within reason. Overeating plus a lack of exercise is a good equation for weight gain. Eating less plus a increase in exercise is a better equation for losing weight. It sounds so simple, but you need a plan. Eating smaller meals spread throughout the day lends your body the chance to maintain and increase it’s natural metabolism. This “grazing” method begins with breakfast. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and it should not be skipped. The majority of your calorie intake should begin

    • Kesh

      I totally agree!

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